Ambassador Info & Application

Hey! We are so glad you are interested in being one of our ambassadors. Below you will find some basic info, google docs to apply, and a contact section if you have any questions.


What you will get:
1. A welcome package once you are chosen full of goodies.
2. Discount code for you, your friends, and followers.
3. Random packages of goodies to help with your post. There will be no set period when these will go out. Mostly around big drops, sales, and promotions.
4. Compete with other ambassadors monthly for prizes, products, and GIFTCARDS of your choice.
5. A community of other ambassadors.
6. Follower gain.
7. Experience that will help you in the future with collaboration, timeliness, and social media skills

What is expected back:
1. Good quality pictures of you wearing your jewelry sent to us. (NO FILTERS)
2. Frequent stories and a few feed post. (More info about this will come if you are chosen)
3. Promote your discount code and sales. The ambassador each month with the highest number of sales (Sale made with their code) will get a GIFTCARD. The next few will get prizes and goodies.
4.Be active with our social medias.
5. You might be asked to help with social media content creation.

Time period:
Ambassadorship will last on average 3 months, but might be shorter or longer. Ambassadorship will be reevaluated each month, and you can stop being an ambassador on a monthly bases.

* You will be contacted by phone number & email if you are chosen.

There is even more info to come if you are chosen! Please message us through email ( or on social media (@maddisonandcompany) with any questions.



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